21 Websites With Gorgeous Blog Photos That You Can Use For Free



1)   PicJumbo

PicJumbo is the first place I go when looking for gorgeous, high-quality stock photos. It is such a great website! I would definitely recommend checking their site out.



2)   Plixs

Plixs is a great website that offers photos AND VIDEOS!



3)   Gratisography

This great site that offers a gorgeous collection of stock photos that they update weekly.



4)  New Old Stock

If you are ever looking for vintage photos then the New Old Stock website is definitely the place to be.



5)   Life Of Pix

Life of Pix is a really great website. They make it very easy to search through the pictures and find exactly what it is that you’re looking for. (I have never left this website feeling disappointed.)



6)   Get Refe

This fantastic website has gorgeous photos that are listed in multiple categories.



7)   Stock Snap

This fantastic website is one of my absolute go-to’s when searching for great blog photos. I would definitely recommend checking it out.





8)   GoodFreePhotos

This is the perfect website if you are looking for travel photos. (They even categorize their photos by location.)



9)   LibreShot

If images with muted tones are your thing, then this is definitely the perfect website for you!



10)   JeShoots

JeShoots provides beautiful photos spanning eight different categories.



11)   JayMantri

This website provides a whole array of great photos from the wonderful Jay Mantri.



12)   Pixabay

Pixabay is one of the first websites I turn to when looking for stock photos. They have some stunningly beautiful photos. And best of all, searching through pictures on this website is really easy. You provided with a search bar. And as if that wasn’t enough, they have also given you the ability to filter your search by color, category, size, and more.



13)   MorgueFile

With their number of photos ranging in the hundreds of thousands, MorgueFile is definitely a site to check out.



14)   Stokpic

This website has beautiful stock photos that are very easy to search for, thanks to their search bar and photo categorization.





15)   IdPinThat

IdPinThat is a fantastic site that provides some really beautiful, Pinterest-worthy images.



16)   Kaboompics

This is a great website! They have really beautiful photos that are very easy to search through.



17)   FancyCrave

FancyCrave is one of my absolute favorite stock photo websites! You should definitely check them out.



18)   Death To The Stock Photo

This website provides some very beautiful photographs. I would definitely recommend it.



19)   Unsplash

Unsplash is a great resource for any blogger. They add ten new stock photos to their website every ten days.



20)   Magdeleine

This website has some really lovely photos ranging in eight different categories.



21)   Foodies Feed

This is the perfect stock photo website for people who live good food. (So basically everyone, right?)



Did you find this list helpful? What are some of your favorite sites for finding free blog photos?


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