50 Brilliant Date Ideas That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Love Life More Exciting


Nothing brings more joy than hanging out with your significant other. But sometimes, you run out of ideas for things to do. Next time you find yourself running short on ideas, why not try one of the activities listed below?


1)   Visit the zoo.


2)   Go to the drive-in movie theater. (If there is not one near you, then use your laptop to create your own pretend drive-in movie theater.) 


3)   Have a romantic dinner.


4)   Karaoke night.


5)    Act out a play.


6)   Visit an art gallery. 


7)   Go to the farmer’s market.


8)   See a live show (concert, musical, ballet, etc.).


9)   Binge-watch a television series.


10)   Recreate your first date.


11)   Fly kites. 


12)   Wine tasting.


13)   Watch the sunset.


14)   Take a dance class.


15)   Do an art project together.


16)   Visit a museum.


17)   Go go-carting.


18)   Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows.


19)   Watch each others’ favorite movie.


20)   Go to a tailgate.


21)   Do a volunteer activity. 


22)   Cook together.


23)   Have a pool day.


24)   Have an indoor and/or backyard campout.


25)   Go for a long drive. 


26)   Play a board game. 


27)   People watch.


28)   Watch a sports game.


29)   Go paintballing. 


30)   Start a garden. 


31)   Go ice skating.


32)   Arrange a get together with other couples.


33)   Have a picnic on your roof.


34)   Make a blanket fort.


35)   Go to a theme park and/or fair. 


36)   Browse your local bookstore.


37)   Get a couples massage.


38)   Go bowling.


39)   Go window shopping.


40)   Go horseback riding.


41)   Tell the other person what you love about them, and then have them do the same for you.


42)   Play mini-golf.


43)   Play Mad Libs.


44)   Play video games.


45)   Role play.


46)   Go kayaking.


47)   Visit garage sales.


48)   Tell jokes and try to make the other person laugh.


49)   Go to the arcade.


50)   Go hiking. 


Do you like these date ideas?  Have you used any of them, and if so then how did it go? Are there any good date ideas that I left out? What are some of your favorite things to do on a date? Let me know what you think. I love hearing from you.


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