65 Super Simple Hacks That Will Save You A LOT Of Money


We all want a little extra cash, but saving money can sometimes feel hard. If you struggle with saving money then you’re in the right place. (Your buddy Allison’s got your back.) Listed below are 65 super simple tips & tricks that will help you save a LOT of money.


1)   Save your loose change.


2)   Keep track of your finances using an app. (Personally, I like to use Mint.)


3)   When shopping, use the 24-hour rule.


4)   Don’t calculate items by their price. Calculate purchases by hours worked instead.


5)   Do research to make sure that you are getting the best price.


6)   Use cash-back services.


7)   Have all of your bills on auto-pay.


8)   Only use the ATMs at your bank.


9)   Have a savings account.


10)   Have a certain amount of money that you don’t take out of your savings account.


11)   Once a week, have a “no spend” day.


12)   Reduce the number of times that you eat out.


13)   Bring a packed own lunch to work.


14)   Cut out alcohol and drink water instead. (It costs so much less.)


15)   Avoid name brand products, and go for generic instead.


16)   Reduce your electricity use.


17)   Carpool.


18)   Shop by unit price.


19)   Plan your meals and grocery list planned out ahead of time, and make sure to stick with them when you’re shopping.


20)   Have a monthly budget planned out.


21)   Finance your fun activities by saving money in a ‘rainy day fund.’


22)   Have a spending limit for gifts.


23)   Plan out gift-giving well in advance.


24)   Save money on books by taking advantage of your local library.


25)   Check your credit report for free once a year.


26)   Pay off credit cards in full each month.


27)   Create an emergency fund.


28)   Save a lot of money by signing up for free customer loyalty rewards programs.


29)   Turn off the television.


30)   Try shopping at the dollar store. (You’ll be surprised by how much great stuff they have in there.)


31)   Before you go into a store, make sure you have a shopping list (and make sure that you stick to it).


32)   Get rid of your unnecessary possessions by holding a yard sale.


33)   Try to avoid paying full price for items whenever you can.


34)   Avoid stress-shopping and last minute purchase decisions.


35)   Avoid eating just because you’re bored. (Keep in mind, food costs money.)


36)   Keep your eyes out for opportunities that may present themselves in which free food is offered.


37)   Remember to turn off the lights whenever you leave a room.


38)   Cancel unused club memberships.


39)   Shop sales and clearance whenever you can.


40)   Avoid the mall.


41)   Cancel magazine subscriptions.


42)   Take public transportation.


43)   Use your home coffee maker instead of going to Starbucks.


44)   Take advantage of free entertainment whenever available.


45)   Keep track of price drops.


46)   Make gifts instead of purchasing them.


47)   Invite friends to hang out at your house instead of going out.


48)   Buy a crock pot.


49)   Try to fix clothing instead of just throwing it away.


50)   Downsize your home.


51)   Consolidate your student loans.


52)   When buying a car, only look at the used models.


53)   If you are smoker, now would be a great time to try and quit. (Cigarettes are expensive.)


54)   Don’t spend money going to the movie theater. Watch something on Netflix or Crackle instead.


55)   Cut down your water usage.


56)   Cancel the cable channels that you aren’t watching.


57)   Keep your eyes out for any free events that your community offers.


58)   Avoid hotel minibars.


59)   Don’t speed. (It’s not worth the cost of the speeding ticket.)


60)   Cut your own hair.


61)   Significantly reduce the amount of money you spend.


62)   Negotiate rates with your credit card company.


63)   Buy in bulk.






What are some tricks that you use to save money?


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