50 Random Facts About The Most Interesting Girl In The World



1)   My favorite color is pink and my second favorite color is purple.



2)   I was born in Texas and moved to California in the third grade.

I consider myself to be a SoCal girl. But a lot of my extended family lives in Texas, and so Texas will always have a special place in my heart.



3)   I have never smoked. I do, however, occasionally drink.



4)   I am a major Doctor Who fan (aka a Whovian’).



5)   I am also a big fan of Scandal (aka a ‘Gladiator In A Suit’).



6)   I love watching YouTube videos, especially the ones from late night talk shows.



7)   I never learned how to ride a bicycle.



8)   I am a college student who is majoring in Communications.



9)   I don’t know how to cook, but I want to learn.



10)   The preschool that I attended in Texas was called Paddington British School. There was a huge Paddington Bear statue at the school’s entrance, and the school uniforms had British flags on them.




11)   One day if I can afford it, Id love to own a replica of the bathtub sofa from Breakfast At Tiffany’s.




12)   I am a frugal shopaholic. (I love buying things but I don’t like spending money. It’s weird, I know.)



13)   I love hockey, but I don’t know the rules.

I dedicate a lot of time to watching hockey and listening to hockey podcasts. But I refuse to learn the rules because I think it’s funny that I can tell you about everything that’s going on in the NHL, yet I don’t know the rules. (Maybe one day when I stop thinking it’s funny, I’ll learn them.)




14)   My favorite number’s 3, but I have a general dislike of odd numbers. (Slightly weird, I know.)



15)   I LOVE watching British comedy panel shows.  I follow a lot of British comedy panel shows, and I never miss an episode. Whenever I see that a new episode of one of my favorites British comedy panel shows on My favorite British comedy panel shows is available on YouTube, I get so excited. I wish that we had shows like these in the United States. But until then I’m satisfied with watching the British ones. Watching these shows always brightens up my day.



16)   I love making people laugh. I hate it when people are sad. I just want everyone to be happy. So it feels good when I’m able to make someone laugh.




17)   I love listening to Broadway songs and Oldies music. I also love Disney songs. I will sometimes listen to top 40 songs, but not super often. (Today’s top 40 music isn’t my favorite, though. To be honest, I’d rather rock out to something from the 1970’s.)




18)   I have a bad memory when it comes to everything except for song lyrics. I am somehow able to memorize every song lyric to every song I’ve ever heard. I don’t know how this happens. I am not striving to memorize the words in songs, it just happens. It’s strange that someone with such a bad memory would know practically every song lyric there ever was. But somehow I just do.



19)   I love Old Hollywood.




20)   I love Marilyn Monroe.




21)   I love the British Royal Family.




22)   I was born in the Woodlands, Texas during December of 1993. The Woodlands is near Houston, and the year I was born the Houston Rockets won the NBA championship. Because of this, my mom’s best friend nicknamed me Alley-oop.



23)   I am of mostly Irish and Scottish descent, with a bit of English and German ancestry mixed in as well.




24)   I was a big fan of Disney Channel growing up. And I would sometimes imagine myself drawing the Disney logo with a wand, and saying You’re watching Disney Channel.”
I pretty much wanted to be a Disney Channel star just so that I could do that one thing. LOL.



25)   When I was little, I had this fake looking smile that made photo shoots take forever. So I taped a picture of Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears to my mirror, and I modeled my smile after them.



26)   My first celebrity crush was in kindergarten, and it was on Lance Bass. I loved him so much that I even asked my mom to buy me an NSYNC backpack.




27)   I’ve seen every episode of Gilmore Girls in order.




28)   I am a big fan of the musical Hamilton (aka a ‘Hamilhead).



29)   I’ve met Magic Johnson.




30)   I attended an all-girls Catholic high school.



31)   I never wore makeup until I went to college.



32)   One day I hope to have a pink car similar to this one.



33)   My favorite movies are Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Clueless, and Mean Girls.



34)   When I was younger, my uncle told me that it was illegal to wear one color of nail polish on your fingers and a different color on your toes. I believed him, and I would look at people who were wearing two different colors of nail polish like they were breaking the law.



35)   When I was little, I thought that there was a big face on the back wall of the school bus that ate children. No one told that the bus ate children. This was an idea that I’d somehow come up with on my own.



36)   When I was younger, I liked to watch the Butt-Ugly Martians.



37)   My mom wanted to name me Tiffany and my dad wanted to my name to be Allison. And ultimately, my parents decided to go with Allison.



38)   My mom wanted to name my little brother Alexander so she could call us ‘big Al and little Al.’ My dad, however, didn’t like that idea. And so my parents decided to name him Matthew instead.



39)   I still have my Barney doll from when I was little. It has a lot of sentimental value to me.



40)   During high school, I loved the Jonas Brothers and wanted to marry Nick Jonas.



41)   In kindergarten, my teacher told the class that a magical fairy had come to the letter ‘I’ and said: “Whenever you are alone you shall be capital.”
So in case, anyone is wondering why the letter ‘I’ is capital, wonder no longer. It is because of a magic fairy, and I am sure that is the scientific, fact-based explanation. So if you ever come across that question on a test, you now know what the answer is. No need to thank me. haha



42)   Olympic decathlon winner, Bryan Clay, is members of the same club as my family. His kids are even on the same swim team as my brother. But when I see him, I’m too scared to approach him. Maybe one day I’ll be able to find the courage.



43)   For some reason, I always thought that the expression ‘layman’s terms’ was ‘lamos terms.’ And it was only about a year ago that I realized I’d been saying it wrong.



44)   I have a great relationship with my dad. I am a total daddy’s girl.



45)   When I was little, I wrote a poem that placed first in the LA County Fair. It went like this: “Little tree, little tree. What do you see? Do you see a bumble bee? Or do you see my knee? Little tree, little tree. What do you see?” (Looking back, I’m not sure why it got an award. It wasn’t that great of a poem. I suppose they just thought it was cute.)



46)   I love listening to morning radio shows. My favorite morning radio shows include the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, Johnjay & Rich, Mojo In the Morning, and the Kane Show.



47)   I didn’t get a smartphone until January of 2016. Before then, I had a dumb phone that couldn’t even take pictures.



48)   I love dogs, especially golden retrievers.



49)   I’m an “old soul” at heart.



50)   Writing this blog has been a dream of mine for a while.




Now it’s your turn. Tell me a random fact about YOURSELF. 🙂



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